Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking
With AWE's vehicle tracking technology, you'll always be in control of your fleet and know the whereabouts, speed and even travel routes of your vehicles.

Our tracking devices contain state of the art GPS systems which ensure supreme accuracy.

Your vehicles can be located either online or via sms.
Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Features
Online tracking portal
Street level maps
Real time GPS positioning
SMS communication
Battery tampering notification
Optional panic button
Definable emergency contacts
Route and speed logging
On-system information backup
Standby battery and fail-over
Our range of vehicle tracking devices
GSM/GPS Tracking Device
Ideal for tracking your moving assets in areas with cellular coverage.
Satellite/GPS Tracking Device
Ideal for tracking your moving assets in remote areas with no cellular coverage.
GSM/Satellite/GPS Tracking Device
Ideal for tracking your moving assets in any area, anywhere in the world.
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Online Tracking Portal with Map View
We offer street-level online tracking using Google Maps for all of our tracking solutions. Your assets can be easily monitored in your web browser with a full trip history on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Our Tracking Portal features easy to use map controls which allow for panning and zooming, while satellite imagery adds recognizable detail to the maps.

Point of interest information such as shopping centres and landmarks allow you to easily identify the proximity of your assets and direct drivers if they are lost.
Customised Telemetry Solutions
Customer-specific integration and application development services are available to customise solutions to your exact needs and requirements.

Reduce your operational costs by controlling your secluded equipment remotely and by using our advanced platforms to facilitate transfer of remote measurements and environmental or status information.

Our powerful telemetry solutions give you the power to continuously monitor, assess and manage your remote assets online, via SMS or RF platforms.
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